Iyke Nwanbi cries out in this thought provoking and truth revealing post. Is Prayer Really Not In The Success Equation? By Iyke Nwambie It is often amazing, if not surprising how many Christians jump on the bandwagon of an erroneous cliche just for the singular fact that, that cliche was made by a popular name. In the last couple of days, a video clip by a popular Bishop from Zimbabwe, Bishop Tudor Bismark has been making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

The popular lines that got people almost in a state of joyful frenzy and excitement were lines like: "Prayer is not in the success equation." "Prayer is in the revelation equation." "Decision is in the success equation" "You can be full of the Holy Ghost and still be ignorant" "It is not about praising God, it is about possessing an understanding of how things work." In the bid to illustrate his point, the respectable Bishop cited nations with growing GDP's like South Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, etc. and compared their GDP's to other nations and took the time to say that those nations with growing GDP's like South Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, etc. were Buddhist, Shintoist and Islamic nations and not Christian nations. So, if I may ask, how does the growing GDP's of those nations connect with the main critique that prayer is not in the success equation? Is the Bishop implying that Buddhists, Shintoists, and Muslims do not pray?

The truth of the matter is that Buddhists, Shintoists, and Muslims pray a lot more than Christians. For example, Buddhists never miss going to their prayer grottos in South Korea, that was why Pastor emeritus, Dr. Yongi Choi built the prayer mountain in South Korea. Also, a typical Muslim would excuse himself or herself, no matter the situation to go say his or her prayers at the appropriate time. So, what does that tell us? It clearly shows that Prayer is the number one factor in the SUCCESS EQUATION! If those nations have grown their GDP's, their habit of praying to their God cannot be excluded. Even the so-called free thinkers and New age practitioners have an itemized list of affirmations they make daily to whatever thing they believe in.

So, to say that prayer is not in the success equation is not only simplistic, it is actually grossly misleading! The nations Bishop Tudor cited actually take prayer a lot more serious than Christians. And why do they do that? It is the simple fact that they understand that prayer is a must for any kind of success. According to the Bishop, you may have the Holy Ghost and still be ignorant! But the only reason why anyone may be full of the Holy Ghost and still be ignorant is that that person refused to ask the Holy Ghost for understanding and wisdom. And how do you do the asking? You do that through prayer! You pray in the spirit until understanding wells up within you at every crossroad. Again the Bishop agrees that decision is in the success equation.

But how do you take great decisions? You do them prayerfully! That was why Jesus prayed before he took many decisions. Paul the Apostle prayed without ceasing. The same applies to Christian billionaires like David Green, the owner of Hobby Lobby, who had this to say: "If you have anything or if I have anything, it's because it's been given to us by our creator" So, instead of making prayer appear like a second fiddle in the success equation, we must understand that it is the main thing, the very first item on success equation. Agreeably, what the Bishop was trying to emphasize may be that Christians should acquire proper management skills in their areas of pursuit. But in saying that, a basic truth must not be subsumed in colorful renditions. Such submissions erode the very foundation of all things. Jesus is Lord! Rev. Iyke Nwambie

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  1. He said "Prayer is not part of the success equation, Prayer is part of the revelation equation" Praying to the holy spirit for understanding is part of that revelation equation. But after revelation, if you DECIDE not to obey and still act in ignorance, then what is the point? You do not expect to pray only and be successful. You have to pray, seek wisdom and act on it. That is the equation that he was preaching.

  2. Thank you for this. That statement is troubling. Prayer is in the success equation.