SINGERS ARE VOCAL ATHLETES (Importance of Vocal warm up)

Hey did you just say that?  Yea I did. 
But before I proceed i will Love to tell you a story that can help you relate better with this post.
Back then in my level 100 in the university I did a borrowed course from the department of human kinetics fondly called jumpology this course deals with sports. 

In one of the practical classes my teacher said "please make sure you warm up before going into a proper play" when you warm up the muscles, you get it ready for whatever task you want to give it. If you don't warm up properly after playing the volley ball you will notice pains all over your body he added. So one of those days I practically refused warming up before going into the field of play certain things happened to me. 
1. I became tired easily
2. I wasn't as smart and flexible as was expected
3. After the play I had severe body pains. 
This was unlike the days I did a proper warm up. 

Where does this apply as a singer? 
Imagine yourself as a vocal athlete. 
The professional athlete never goes into the field of play without a great warm up and not only do they warm up when they want to perform but also on normal days they are required to warm up..  Performing or not this is to keep the muscles in check. 

As a singer the importance of a great warm up routine cannot be over emphasized. It comes with great rewards over time. 

It sees you through hours of fantastic singing..

It makes your vocal muscles stronger and gives you a depth of clarity. 


The truth of the matter is, vocal exercises are of enormous benefits to your voice. Overtime, they will give you that beautiful adornment you need for your voice. 

1. It helps correct wrong singing pattern.
When you do vocal exercises the right way.. It will go along way in positioning your vocal muscles for the right pattern of singing. Most singers sing and helplessly push the chest voice up because of a tight throat or they have not mastered a good belting technique. But with good vocal exercises those things with time will be corrected without your notice. 

2. They help to bridge the PASSAGIO or vocal break. 
This often occurs when you are about to transit from one register(voice) to the other.. It seems so hard to get a smooth connection, you experience some cracks at a particular point, you almost can't go on with the range. It happens, it will gradually smoothen out. With Good vocal exercises you can be able to bridge the PASSAGIO with ease and with time that smooth and incredible connection will come. 

3. It gives you vocal clarity and strength.
With good vocal exercises, your voice will develop great clarity and stamina. You will be able to sing for hours without strain.. It will help strengthen the falsetto, mix and head voice all together.. Giving you that perfect blend of the chest and the head voice. 

4.It will sharpen your vocal memory.
Our voice has a vocal memory that stores all the scales, rift and runs etc. That's why you can Run a scale without first thinking about it.. And when you sing, it's as if there are thousands of things to add in the song. Good vocal exercises will assist you in sharpening your vocal memory to be able to hear a rift or runs and repeat immediately. It will also improve your ability to make clear cut out rift and runs.
This are but few importance of a good vocal warm up outlined here, there is more.
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