Often singers and speakers loose their voice in wrong or extensive usage of it. This post is a step by step guide on how to recover your voice. However vocal conditions may differ with respect to what brought about the vocal lose. If its a Vocal disease, this post might do you no good, if its as a result of drug dealing or smoking this post might do you no good. But if its according to the Normal process of Vocal lose which includes:
1. Extensive singing
2. Shouting and Loud talking
3. All night Rehearsals
4. Wrong dieting etc.
This post will be highly beneficial.

1. Take a whole lot of water, I mean like 8 litres of water per day. Water Rules the body as a singer you should avoid dehydration as much as possible. Also in the Morning hours take warm water, you might also like to birth warm water. This is Because if your body feels warm your vocals will feel same too and same thing happens When its cold and warmth is necessary to Initiate a Vocal Healing Process.

2. Try the Steam:
Get warm or hot water in a bowl, and inhale the steam. This will help give your nasal a warm sensation and it will break the Mucous Gently and heal every focal frigility with warmth.

3. Rest: Even machines Need Rest. Sometimes the only Secret to Vocal Recovery is to Rest the Voice for a Maximum of 3days and minimum of 2days. Or If you can afford a lot of sleep in a day its essential to Vocal healing. This is because when you sleep that's the chance your Body doctors get to repair damaged body tissues, this is essential if you have been doing rigorous all nights, or extensive singing.

4. Please Learn to Cover your Body properly so You don't expose yourself to Cold. A lot of vocal Shrinking is caused by Long and daily exposure to Cold. Cover your body properly when sleeping and in cold times.

5. Use Fruits: Fruits like orange supply Vitamin C to the Body which is essential in Healing damaged tissues in the Body. Water Melon will Supply great amount of water to the Body. Banana will provide a supple massage to the Vocal Cords because of its substance composition. Apple will do too.

6. Avoid Cold Drinks: At least you are trying to recover your Vocals so respect and discipline yourself to abstain from cold drinks. Because it will increase vocal weakness and tighten the muscle. This is because Cold stuffs will strengthen and stiffen the Mucous in your vocals and when the Mucous is stiff instead of flexible it becomes a great enemy to your singing.

7. Try Honey it never fails: Honey works the Magic. If you use your Voice for a living or ministry, Honey should not be far from you. It is medicinal to Soar and Hoarse throats. Three spoons in the Morning, noon and Night and you are good to go.

8. Try Vocal work outs: Vocal work outs have a way of bringing out the Best in your Voice. Get a vocal Work out CD or Audio. (If you dont have, place your order at Priceless Music) Do them at your comfortable range as your Voice permits and in a matter of 1 or 2days your Voice will Heal.

9. Vocal Retreat: when your Voice is bad please avoid using it to shout and sing. You might need to embark on a Vocal Retreat let's say 3 or 5days and take intensive care of your Voice.

10. Try Mixing pepe with Honey. Not too much pepe but let the pepe be pronounced take 3 tea spoonful of them 3times a day. Try the salt solution too. Mix salt with warm water and gaggle it. This will break the Mucous and Initiate a quick healing process.
If you have done all this and your vocal fails to return in a Maximum of 1 week, you might need to go see a Vocal Doctor.
Thank you for Reading this Edition.

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