There are some very bad habits you need to stop. This bad habits may have been the problem to your singing over time even without you knowing.
1. Stop eating and sleeping immediately: This is very wrong. Whether in the night or day. If you don't know how this affects your voice, try it today, eat EBA and sleep few minutes later when you wake up the vocal folds will have more mucus to deal with than it had before. This is the reason why some of you sleep with a fine voice and wake up with a husky voice.
2. Sleeping with a bare body: When your body is cooled it will automatically reflect on your voice. When you sleep with bare body and you eventually get cooled later, it will affect your voice. Its advisable you sleep with a normal room temperature, don't expose yourself to so much cold. Most persons wonder why they go to bed on Mon with a fine voice and on Tuesday they have a husky voice even when they haven't sang a bit. The two outlined problems are top on what causes such occurrence.
3. Avoid chocolate and milky stuffs: Especially the days you wish to do extensive singing. Avoid this things, it will make your vocals lousy and dull and off cause it will bless your vocal folds with much mucus that will eventually disturb your singing.
4. Drinking water 5min before singing: You are just wasting your time, taking water 5min before singing will defeat the essence of the water. The essence of drinking water is to keep you hydrated and provide your vocals enough lubrication to function properly and usually it takes 20 to 30min for your organs to properly absorb the water for usage. Taking plenty water 5min to your singing will only fill your tummy up with water which will end up disturbing your use of breath while singing. Howbeit as you sing and you feel dryness in your throat you can sip a little water just to wash off the dryness a little bit and to also wash down the mucus that has fallen off your vocal folds by the activity of sound and vibration as you were singing.
5. Stop swallowing Banana to increase your vocal range: I guess you need me to tell you that food does not pass through your voice okwa ya? Unfortunately only few know this, when you swallow anything your vocal folds closes up. When anything comes in contact with your vocal folds you will choke or cough (this is why most of us choke when we are eating) so if the food does not pass through your voice how then does banana now expand the scope of your voice to produce high range? Howbeit banana as a fruit helps your voice virtually because it has vitamins and supple contents that are beneficial to your vocal health but not by Swallowing it, stop giving your throat too much to handle you go kill yourself oh. Come to think of it self if Swallowing Banana opens up your voice, shouldn't swallowing Eba do more? All of them na swallow, they are heavy and they force their way through to the stomach so EBA should also perform greater task in opening the voice, that should mean Africans should have a better vocal range na.. If that be the case. There are principles and practices that unlocks your vocal range. Swallowing banana to open your range is a vocal myth you should run from and guess what? I know there are singers that will fight this.. Chai... Sorry in advance.
6. Lastly about cold stuffs: There are many things to say about how much cold stuffs affects your voice and writing it here will make this post too much to read. In fact among the many things that kills your voice its top amongst it.
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