Over here in Africa this is one of the strongest Vocal Myths that has been perpetuated for years.
This is because people feel the voice is like one Rubber that can get widened up by swallowing something.

First we need to understand the Nature of the Voice.
1. The Only thing that passes through the Voice is Air which ends up producing sound.
2. When food goes through the mouth, the Epiglottis protects the food from getting to the voice.
3. When food enters your Larynx the reaction is you tend to start Coughing and almost choking.

Food doesn't pass through the Voice, it goes through the esophagus. If this is so, How then does swallowing Banana open up your Vocal fold ? (Remember nothing but air is allowed to pass through you voice box)

Though Banana has some effects on the Voice when eating it as a fruit, it has some supple elements that gives this "soft feeling and massage" to the Voice this is what works, swallowing it will only harm you. If swallowing Banana increases pitch, then I think Africans should have the highest range ever, Because we swallow like 20 raps of Garri every day which sometimes is bigger than the regular Banana.
Some will say Swallowing Banana has worked for me over the years, but its a myth what worked was that Banana is good for the Voice as a fruit it has this supple elements that acts as grease or balm to the Vocal folds.
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