The first thing to understand about God is that "What God will do, God has done"
There is a name for it, it is called "FINISHED WORKS". 
This is where God operates from.
Howbeit on earth, it is mans responsibility to effect the works God has finished.
When God gives a man a vision or sends him on an assignment he only does so because he (God) has concluded his own part of the deal already, usually all that is needed to birth the vision will always rest upon the resolve of the man.
And here lies the problem.

Right now there are Hundreds of people reading this article, they already feel a burning sensation of Gods call, they have the vision so clearly revealed but like the man by the pool of Bethesda every time Jesus asks them;
 "Will thou be made whole"? They have consistently replied him "I have no man to push me to the waters" (John 5:5-8)
This man could only answer Jesus like this because all his life,
"Everyone who has ever received a miracle by the pool of Bethesda did so through the help of a man, so to him if he must step out into the waters it has to take a man to help him there".
The question was not "Do you have a man to help you"?
The question was "Will thou be made whole"? in other words do you want to rise from this sick bed?
Today God is constantly asking this question somewhere at the booth of our hearts
"Will you step out"?
And for many, we have used the time we ought to step out in reckless faith looking for who to carry us along.
Unconciously We have idolized men and made them an indispensable factor for our rising. Its true God will use men to raise us, but first it is God who worketh all in all.
Knowing God is all you need for your rising the kings heart is in Gods hand he turns it wherever he desires.
"When you know God, you know every man there is to know for your destiny."
Its erroneous to use the time you ought to be chasing God to chasing men.
Dearly Beloved Minstrel
I have by experience and through the inspired wisdom of God learnt that, for every time you stand before the river of Jordan bearing the ark of Gods vision, the river is trembling already, itching to make way for you to cross but desperately and patiently waiting for the soles of your feet to step into the waters first before it divides. And until it feels the fire of passion and faith burning through the soles of your feet it wont path."
The mountain only moves to the man who first dares speak to it.

The river only divides for the priests who first dares step their foot into the water

The fourth man only appears in the midst of those who dares walk into the furnace

Jericho walls will only fall for those who first dares to shout.

Dear minstrel at the pool of Bethesda that knows no man, Jesus is first willing to make you whole but will you rise and take up your bed and walk if he says so? Wont you say to him "i know no man"?

Dearly Beloved,
Since 2016 when i stepped out
I have seen God step in, every step of the way.
Believe me, you are not waiting on God he has been the one waiting on you all this while.
There is a depth of Gods help you will never experience until you come out of the shell of fear and step out.
There are helpers all around you, all waiting first for you step out.

Come up thither
Step out and let him step in
You are stronger than you can ever imagine
Be intentional,
Reach deep down within yourself
Unleash your Glory
Do it now,
Do it immediately.
I am Mr.wealth
Thank you for reading

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  1. This is so inspirational Sir, thanks for sharing this great insight... Grace on sir