Hello Dear minstrel,
Today's ministry thought is summed up in one word "STRETCH".
Yes, stretch.
This picture here though funny, captures this thought to a large extent.
I really wonder what the man was aiming at that prompted this position. Lolz! Well, Whatever he was aiming at must have inspired some sense of "STRETCHING". Perhaps he was reaching for some heavenly high notes 😂 (Biko you don't reach for high notes stretching like this oh).
Well this is not a VOCAL CLASS, so let's focus on the THOUGHT.

I find it quiet instructive that though Canaan is Gods promise, yet God never brings Canaan to any mans door step, instead he calls you out of your own door step to Canaan.
The goal is for you to go-row (go/grow) through the wilderness, and the more you follow Gods leading the closer you get to Canaan.
Canaan will never come to you.
Gods promises are immobile. They are fixed
They won't move from the future to your present you must move from the present by growing into the future.
By all means "STRETCH".
Don't let yesterdays victory be your comfort, its a trap.
To apply this to our reality I will suggest you stretch in this areas:

You must understand that the industry is not ruled by ALBUMS anymore that era has passed. In this times "SINGLES" is KING. 
But before you drop the next single please how much have you promoted your last work? Or you just want to pack up liabilities in the name of SINGLES that won't fetch you renown progress and put you ahead of your game? Be wise, take that money try a radio promo, target major blogs and platforms for promo, run ads consistently at least for 6months before you aim for another SINGLE, else soon you will be caught in the web of releasing songs without making progress and activities without productivity is a SUICIDE to PASSION. Thats how you weaken your own passion. Nothing crucifies passion more than doing so much but getting nothing done. Stretch yourself in the area of promo i can assure you that for anytime you stretch you get closer to Gods promises for you.

I will be surprised if you didn't see this coming. Howbeit here it is. Prayer is key, among all factors of success for a believer prayer is KING.
In appropriating Gods promises, prayer is KING. That which God promised you will require the energy from prayers to appropriate. Remember the promise of God is immobile, it won't come to you, you are the one who has to reach out for it.
What's your prayer timeline like? When last did you update your prayer energy? Can't you see you are operating on an outdated energy now?
I know your fans won't know this, but its not important if they don't, the most important thing is that you know for yourself how stale you have become in the place of prayer and then cry out to God. I know you pray for one hour and only few around you can pray like that. Please seek to spend more time with God, seek to grow from one hour to five and more hours of prayers and fellowship with the Holy Ghost.
At all cost stretch.
Stretch in prayers, retreat if you have to. If you are not doing ministry with the energy of prayer you will end up doing it with the energy of the flesh. You will see others doing concert tour and out of envy you will catch your own vision and do yours, you will see others dropping singles, out of envy you will drop your own too. This vices are inescapable for any man who is bankrupt of the energy that comes from prayers. This energy keeps you focused, loving, yielded to Gods voice, selfless and impactful. At all cost. "Stretch"
please stretch this time.

This is another area to stretch. When the anointing draws people your way, your brand keeps them following. Don't be too spiritual to trample upon your brand those who are guilty of this end up been anointed but stuck. Sad thing though. Improve on your brand. Seek to grow your media followership and hype, run ads, create a system of publicity for your brand, connect with people inline with your type of brand. People should know clearly who you are, your core ministerial values, and your pattern of music or ministration. I will simply be surprised if any one invited me to minister in a comedy show even though they do I will simply assume they are hoping that by my ministration men may be led to the throne room and enjoy encounters. Identify programs inline with your brand, don't just run off to the stage anyhow. Every stage should give you an opportunity to pass out the message you have been called to pass out, if that platform wont give that message expression think twice about it.

Every vision should have a platform upon which it gains total expression. I know some of you are already holding programs as a means of giving voice to your vision. Please grow it, don't be stuck doing the same thing all over again, target a larger audience, invest in publicity. Let your platform grow alongside with you.
Build your media platform, create your WhatsApp fan group, twitter, IG, YouTube etc and be active in connecting with your fans.
After that, take it further to creating a personal blog or website for your music and be active in dishing out contents, don't neglect the media, it is the new pulpit, the new "Alaba market". It is the biggest market for promoting songs. Those who have a large media platform in this 21st century posses diamond, stretch and grow your platform.
This is how you get closer to Canaan.

Build a network of people.
"Relationship Is a currency there are depths of ministerial fulfillment you can't buy your way into if you lack sensitive relationships"
(Mr.wealth-quote author)
Find a mentor who will instruct you every step of the way, don't be a prostitute running from here and there, been around every man but submitting to none, this will cost you so much on the long run, you need someone who will consciously commit to your growth ministerially, spiritually, physically etc.
Value your relationship with your fellow ministers, I know you know a few of them, but this time stretch by getting closer to them, be so close that the both of you can do free things for each other.
Get committed to your fans, create a broadcast list to reach out to them more privately e.g WhatsApp fan group, or Messengers bot they need to be cared for, there is a fan in everyone who likes or shares your post and comments on it. Don't neglect them, reply their messages, Don't only reach out to them when you want to put out a song or an event. Build and strengthen your relationship with them.
Remember relationship is a currency, despite how much you have if you lack sensitive relationships you are the poorest of all men. 
At all cost make sure you are not stuck in a circle of activities, break out, set new goals and strategies, take on new tasks.
STRETCH! Give it all it takes.
There are many more areas to stretch, I will write to you again but blessed are you if you do these ones.
Thank you for reading.
I am Mr.wealth iSING, iWRITE, iTEACH.
If this blessed you feel free to share, talk back to me by commenting below let me know if you were blessed.
Till I write to you again
At all cost STRETCH.

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