There has been cases of unfulfilled recording for many artists not because they are not good and do not have what it takes to deliver the song, some even do it better while at home and once they get to the studio they forget what they are supposed to say or do.
Here are some tips to help you solve this problem.

1. REHEARSE: Get the instrumental of the song and rehearse very well, before going for voicing. what this will help you do is that it will help stitch the melody, harmony and every thing you need to do with your voice to get the best out of the song into your head. It will also help kill anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

2. STIR UP YOURSELF: Sometimes as singers we get to wake up some days without feeling music at all. No spur to sing or make melodies in your Heart, even sometimes when you try to do so, you can't find the flow unlike other days when music just comes naturally to you and you sing and flow very well. This happens to most musicians, but if this happens on the scheduled day of voicing or performance this because problematic.
The answer is for you to stair yourself. How? You may ask. Your vocal memory (The path created in your mind through consistent rehearsal and listening to music, which allows certain rifts and runs, vocal styles to flow unconsciously and effortlessly) can be stirred just by listening or watching your favourite artists perform, or just by listening to a sweet melody. All of a sudden something musical wakes up withing you and you start singing for the rest of the day. Don't just expect to go into the studio without a heart stirred with good melody and expect to deliver. You might just not be feeling the music in you when you do so. This is why sometimes I tell the producer to allow me sing through the song without recording me first, after which the recording begins. You should try this in days you are supposed to record and you don't feel music that day.

This will keep you emotionally uncoordinated and uncalculative, avoid situations that put you in a hurry to record.

4. BE EMOTIONALLY BALANCED: A boy went with me to the studio to voice, when he started, he wasn't flowing at all, I did a quick scan as a vocal producer and found out he had received news he failed a course in school and to him he shouldn't have failed it because he knew and wrote the course very well. This formed a blockage and thus he couldn't flow from his emotions. Make sure you don't expose yourself to bad news on the day of recording, don't wake up bad and sad memories especially when the song has no association with the memory evoked.

Put yourself in the shoe of what you are singing about. Singers are the most empathetic of all humans, this is because we become so many things just to reach out to people currently going through some stuffs. For example Asha was not a prisoner when she wrote the song "Jailer" But how then did she deliver such a powerful emotional piece describing a perfect case of the discrimination against prisoners? It was the use of Empathy. All the singers who sang about Heart break doesn't mean they are currently going through it. If you have a story that Tally's with what you want to sing about then its a good place to start. Wake up the memories and the emotions will flow. It will reflect in your voice and vocal approach.

And the last advice i wish to give out is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: over time most singers have had failed recording because of LOW SELF ESTEEM. To tackle this, you have to believe in yourself. Its your song, nobody can do it better than you. Believe in your sound, believe its good enough. People like James blunt had to believe in their sound. For me I don't like his sound at All which makes me wonder what brought him to fame. But the fact is he is popular and widely celebrated and many are modelling after his sound today. You just have to believe your sound is what the world needs to Hear. Stop trying so hard to sound like Celine Dion or R Kelly there is a reason why we all are built differently. And the world will celebrate you not for your similarity but for your difference. Don't be a second Celine Dion when you deserve to be a "FIRST YOU" that's living another persons life. Be yourself and
Believe in yourself and this will kill Low self esteem.
We trust this has helped you. Please kindly drop a comment, and share with others.
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