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You didn't stop waiting on God when you released your first song nor did your first event, in fact that Was when your waiting started.
Before I proceed, I wish to ask some questions..
What are the key measures to determining WAITING AND MANIFESTATION?
At what point can we say a person is waiting and another is manifesting.
What do we actually mean when we say God doesn't want me to do anything now, I am still waiting on God?
This questions keep bothering me. Especially because its now a cliche response from many ministers out there who are yet to engage the world with their gifts.
In as much as I know there is a place of Waiting on God in the ministry, but I fear the popular use of this word has given it all together a different meaning from what it ought to be.
Ask a young, talented music minister why they are yet to drop a song? The answer will be I am still waiting on God
Ask them why are they yet to engage people with their gifts the answer will be I am still waiting on God.
And when I begin to question their understanding of WAITING, what I find ends up breaking my heart.
I understand waiting as praying and fellowshipping with God, I understand it as exercising diligence with Gods instructions and provisions for the moment, I understand it as service, I understand it as yielding to Gods ordained processes that births his promise for your life and ministry.
I also understand manifestation as the showing forth of the God life in you, I understand it as serving people with the peculiarity of your giftings and brand, I understand it as the public showing forth of Gods secret workings in you.
If all this are true of waiting and manifestation it means at every point there is always an interplay of this two.
Many take manifestation in ministry to mean, having the hit songs, strong brand visibility, gracing noble platforms and appearing on bill boards and posters and all the blah blah blah. And if anyone fails to achieve this terms, Ah he probably didn't MANIFEST.
And again there is this popular teaching that Jesus waited (prepared) for 30years for a ministry of 3years. And what many have implied silently and indirectly from this teaching is that you have to wait for long too. And when you have waited enough, the moment you start it will be BOOM! BOOM!! all the way.
Did we read where Jesus asked his parents "Don't you know I should be about my Father's business"? Did you care to find out the meaning of the word Business as is used in that context? It means "I must be about my Father's work" and in John 9:4 "He said I must work the works of him that sent me..." Which work was he referring to? "My fathers business" that's the answer, Ministry that's the answer.
At age 12 Jesus has been about his Father's business, by 30 it was now time for a large public showing forth, and remember the, miracles he did and the crowds he gathered was necessary to attract the attention of the bad guys to kill him, do you also know that each stage of his manifestation was a waiting season for another level?
His works on earth, death and resurrection was preparing him for a ministry of Intercession in heaven (that's his current ministry, ROM 8:34, Heb 7: 25) and his ministry of intercession is preparing him for a time he will come and rule for a 1000 years on earth thats when we will rule with him. I stand a risk of been misunderstood here. It is his intercession for the saints that strengthens us here on earth to do his works, to properly usher in his rulership (kingdom) on earth. Remember he will not come until this gospel is preached to every living being on earth? His current ministry is a ministry that supplies us grace for strength and relevance here on earth. If he didn't pass through the cross he wouldn't have had the manifestation of Glory he is having today.
Let me define waiting again "Waiting is exercising diligence to every process that births God promises for your life"
Here are my points in this post
1. Until you engage the processes that births Gods full mandate for your ministry which MAY include prayers and fasting, dropping of singles, putting up of events, mentorship, service etc You are yet to wait on God, if you have not started doing any of this, believe me you are yet to really wait on God.
2. Don't mistake idleness, cowardice and low self esteem for waiting on God. This things will tell you, you are not good enough, nor prepared enough to start and they are the reasons why you will keep procrastinating.
3. Manifestation is not a time where you start experiencing ministry glamour, it is a time where you start engaging or serving the public with your Giftings both on a small scale and on a larger scale. Howbeit this comes in stages.
5. In ministry there will always be an interplay of Waiting and manifestation, so guess what? We will never stop waiting, we will never stop manifesting because each level of manifestation prepares us for a greater level of Manifestation.
Lastly before I drop my pen on this. Seasons and times are important in ministry. Howbeit we must understand that God does not operate in time and seasons, he dwells in a timeless zone that's where he operates from, howbeit he is compassionate enough to limit his dealings with man to times and seasons and man depends on times and seasons to prepare fully to receive his dealings.
Time is simply a portion of space from eternity given to man to regulate his activities here on earth. In the game of manifestation you determine your timing, God determines your seasons.
Seasons are interplay of events that ushers in a particular time for something. When we see the raining seasons we know it's time for sowing.
All am trying to say here is that, God has done all he needs to do for you, we are in a season of revival, how do I know? The events of the end time are all playing out, and the end time move of God is here, The time is now, start to engage. The Time to carry out that idea is now, the time to drop that song, organize that event is now. Don't wait till you are prepared enough, you will never be prepared enough. It is in your weakness and inability that his Grace is made perfect.
Lunch now.
God and the whole creations are waiting for YOU.
Don't die waiting..
If Jesus comes tomorrow he will be disappointed to find that you spend the whole time WAITING.
The time is NOW!
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