The pain is the joy.

Woke up this morning and after deep fellowshipping I set up for some exercises.
I hit the ground for a press up. Usually I do 70 and that has become normal for me but this time I decided to target 90, that extra 20 made the whole difference right now I feel the impact of pain on my muscles yet I know this pain is critical if my muscles must build.

"Pain is underrated."
Such that for most persons it is a contact point for depression and discouragement but if properly understood for what it is pain is a GIFT.
Adele's world class song "Someone like you" was written out of the pain of heart break, my song "letter to God" was written out of the pain of depression and rejection, the writer of the song "It is well" wrote that song out of deep pain. This songs though born out of pain has been a deep refuge for many
"Some inspirations and very deep instructive experiences will never come except at the point of pain"

What about JESUS?
It is stated in Heb 12:1-2 Jesus saw the joy ahead but that joy came with a process of pain which he had to endure. As a matter of fact his resolve to embrace the pain that came with the promise was what qualified him for the glory. The fullness of Jesus' ministry and transition to Glory began with pain. He suffered the pain of betrayal and crucifixion this was the process to the joy he saw ahead.

"A woman who desires child birth must first be ready to embrace the labour and pain of child bearing."
Dear Minstrel
I know you have Gods promises in ministry but then we must understand that the process to the promise will feature painful moments of betrayal, sad experiences, moments of abuse and high criticisms this things are geared towards inciting pain but more so if the muscles must build pain must be felt.

The only prove I had that my muscles received the impact of my press up exercise this morning, was the little discomfort of pain I felt and that's the joy of growth for my muscles.

For every time you have felt the pain of discouragement and betrayal believe me your ministerial muscles are building. Don't give up stay in the process
For pain is the joy of the Process. Embrace your pain there are many who will find their highest inspiration in it.
Thank you for reading.
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