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Am glad to write to you again this Thursday on your most instructive ministerial media thought series the "Dear Minstrel series"
So today we will be talking about "The Burden of Victory" and i will be using the Life of David as a model for my thought.

"A victory that attracts no envy/jealousy is no victory" (Mr.wealth-quote_author)
Davids life was quiet simple as a shepherd boy, and even though he killed a lion which was a mighty act in Israel yet the whole of Israel was not aware of this he was simply not celebrated for it. He was doing very fine serving under Saul as a musician, and oh! How Saul Loved him until he (David) achieved one of the greatest victories in Israel and that's "KILLING GOLIATH" Oh! If only he knew how devastating this victory will make his life be.

That one Victory turned his mentor (Saul) against him, he became the most hunted and wanted in Israel, Israel rejected him, the philistines were after his life, he became a fugitive, it all started the day he killed Goliath. THE BURDEN OF VICTORY.
Dear Minstrel
Victory is Burdensome. 
The real fight begins after you have won.
From the life of David i have identified three burdens of victory everyone who wants to win must be prepared to carry.
Get ready to face the highest persecution of envy and jealousy from even people you love and trust most when you win. Yes! Victory naturally invites jealousy from all and sundry. 
"If you cant endure being hunted by jealous and envious friends don't even plan to win in the first place." 
A victory that attracts no jealousy/envy is no victory at all.
Just before you win, make sure you are full of Love like David to forgive a jealous Saul even when you finally have the chance to get back at him.

2. Pride: 
"Success doubles your risk of pride."(Mr.wealth)
Every victory puts you at the Risk of Pride. No prayer can avert this tendency.
We have seen many win but end up crushed by the pride of their own victories.
The greatest Fight David had in his life time was the temptation to kill Saul. Even when he was sure God had delivered him (Saul) into his hands his humility kept him from touching Gods anointed it was on this ground God approved of him greatly. Believe me if he had killed Saul though he would have been right a lot would have gone wrong in Israel. The absence of pride made him still regard Saul even though it was clear Saul was rejected of God yet he acknowledged him as the Lords anointed that shouldn't be hurt. Such humility is divine.
"Just before you win, make sure you have enough humility to protect you from the pride that comes with winning." (Mr.wealth)
3. Accolades: 
Winning brings many praise singers around you. 
They are enchanted by your success, they sing your name and praise you for how much God uses you. As simple as this seems yet its one of the most crushing burden of ministerial success. And we who are music ministers we love praises, we can easily make a god out of it and for many of us, the more praises we receive the more impactful we feel, some will practically fall into depression if no one is singing their praise anthem consistently. This is a trap dont fall for it.
Just before you win, do you have enough character to return all the Glory to God when this accolades come? 
No! I do not mean that religious thing we say "Glory to God" when we are praised. Thats not in any way giving God back the Glory. When people start singing your praises, will God still have your heart? Will you still respect mentors and those who brought you up? When those praises starts coming will you still live your life like its been God all the way?
Just before you win, build character.
Victory has its own burdens.

"There are some victories God cant bring your way right now because you just do not have the right Character to stand the burden that comes with winning."
You have been fighting and praying, but God has been protecting you from winning because he knows the day he does, he may loose you to pride, he knows the day you succeed there are people you can't wait to punish by showing off your success just to intimidate them. He knows this things and that's why it seems like victory is far away.
Build the Character of Love, humility and loyalty that's where  victory begins from, without this victory/success is destructive.
God is interested in you winning but more to that he is interested in you growing the right Character so your victory doesn't destroy you.
Thank you for reading.
I am Mr.wealth iSING, iWRITE, iTEACH.
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