The greatest skill you can ever master as a LEAD WORSHIPPER is not riffs and runs its YIELDING.
Hello Dear Minstrel.
Its so exciting to write to you again.
You see, i have always known that its easy to lead worship than it is to be LED IN WORSHIP as a Minstrel. Even though this ought not to be so.
With this the greatest secret of worship leading is summed up in this statement
Worship must be done in the spirit, for the spirit, by the spirit and with the spirit fact is the spirit begins where the flesh surrenders.
Rehearsal is good, but usually my controversy with rehearsals is that if one is not careful, it may steal the Glory.
Even when God shows up most minstrels attribute it to how much they have rehearsed.
You can never rehearse enough to bring down Gods Glory, in fact the only rehearsal that ushers in the move of God is a PRAYER REHEARSAL. It is the greatest rehearsal ever.
A music rehearsal backed up with a prayer rehearsal is one of the most dangerous combinations ever.
When we have broken through in our prayer rehearsals its easy for us to yield even when he (God) doesn't want to use what we rehearsed.
This is the biggest thing prayer helps us attain "It is called ALIGNMENT" Prayer helps us attain it. Worship must be done in alignment to the current flow of spirit.
He is the Lord of the atmosphere, he must be yielded to.
We may receive applauses for an outstanding performance, we may even sing with our strongest passion and people commend us but when the spirit is involved, everyman sees Jesus and not you. At that point they will only commend the Grace of Jesus at work not your musical dexterity nor skill because the Holy spirit is Lording that atmosphere.
I have been privileged to be used of God in crazy dimensions in worship meetings and i can tell you the one big time secret is "YIELDING".

If you are a music minister who truly wants to be used of God you must get prepared to drop your plans 80% of times as you lead worship.
I know you have rehearsed every move and songs but if for the sensitivity of What God wants to do through you in the worship meeting he requests you lay down your plans and flow with him will you?
The first test of WORSHIP is your yieldedness once you fail this first test everything else done in the name of leading people in worship will be done in the flesh.
Let me close with this scripture:
John  3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.
Dear minstrel,
You are like the WIND.
Get ready to blow where he listeth.

Let he that has ears, hear what the spirit saith to the minstrels.
I am Mr.wealth iSING, iWRITE, iTEACH.
NB: This post does not in anyway Demean the importance of rehearsal, it is needed for the mastery of music but yielding is needed for the effectiveness of worship leading.
They are both sides of the same coin.
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