The Jacobs Strategy (Sell today and buy tomorrow)

Dear Minstrel
Its always exciting to write to you on this blog every Thursday.
My thought for today will be summed up in this few words "Sell today buy tomorrow" this is what I call the Jacob strategy.Am certain you know too well the story of Jacob and Esau.
There really will be no need going through It all over again.
But while what's pronounced is the drama of selling a birthright, very vital principles for ministry can be deduced from that story.

Esau had a birthright that somehow was of no present value to him, basically he wasn't using it for anything.
Jacob had to bid for the birthright through a pottage. He wasn't doing so because it was useful for him in the present he was simply buying the future good the birthright will come with.
Who should really be blamed?
The one who had the birthright but lacked value for it? Or the one who had value for it but lacked the birthright? If Esau didn't sell it Jacob won't buy it.
Jacob was simply applying a principle "He was living today in tomorrows perspective.
And Dear Minstrel this is very instructive.

Here are 4 instructive points to learn from the Jacob strategy:

1. Be value driven: God may send some people and opportunities around you which may not be of present value to you but are of future importance. The way you treat or approach them today determines how useful they will be to you tomorrow. Be value driven, spot out the value in people no matter how their present situation disguises them.

2. Tomorrow is cheap: Today is a currency, buy the future with it. Everything you do today will build up to your success or failure tomorrow.
If we are simply doing the right thing today tomorrows success will come cheaply.

In ministry, learn to trade your comfort now, for tomorrow's success, Pray and fast like never before, believe me when you finally become a celebrity you will have no much time for them as you do now. What will keep you going will be the foundational prayers banked up years back. Today is your greatest asset use it wisely. Buy tomorrow with it.

3. When you hunt, roast your own meat: Esau was a mighty hunter, that was a celebrated status in Israel.
He didn't sell his Birthright for lack of food, for he had meat, part of been a mighty hunter as the bible describes him means he never comes back from a hunting expedition without a catch.
Meat was not the problem, He sold it simply because he couldn't make food out of his meat. He wanted the easy way out.
Dear Minstrel,
Roast your own meat, work on your own talent, build your own brand and platform. You see those people you envy? If they were not busy roasting their own meat you won't feel their aroma of success.
Don't spend all your time admiring people that you forget to be inspired to work on your own talent.
4. Today is all about positioning:
Jacob somehow would need the birthright to qualify for the fathers blessing sometime in the future. Howbeit he had to position for it early enough. I know you want to be popular but today is your only chance to position for it. Build the right character and relationships now. The top can really feel lonely, and fame has a way of exposing the bad characters we refused to work on while growing up in ministry. Serve in a church and also have mentors this is how you position yourself and thresh out threatening characters to future greatness.

Lastly, Trade the comfort of today for the success of tomorrow.
As I said earlier "Tomorrow is actually cheap" it only becomes costly when we fail to trade our comfort today for tomorrows success.

Use the Jacob strategy.
Be value driven
Apply foresight
And by and by, the goodness of tomorrow shall be yours.
I am Mr.wealth iSING, iWRITE, iTEACH.
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