Make Room For Your Gift.

Dear Minstrel,
Its Thursday again and am most excited to write to you, as am sure you are excited to hear from me, today's thought is a very important one for me because it addresses the case of responsibility over gifts.
Lemme say this,
No gift is absolute, no gift came naturally awesome.
When God gives you a gift, he gives it as a raw material and demands from you the commitment to transform that gift into a finished goods and make it PAY YOU.

"Every gift depends upon the value placed on it by its possessor to thrive".
(Mr.wealth-quote Author)
A gift you place little value on can do nothing for you.
I know the bible says "Proverbs  18:16  A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men." But you see? If you make no room for your gift to grow, it will shut doors for you instead and cause you never to appear before kings.
Kings are people of great value, your gift must have a kingly value.
This is what makes it secure room for you In the palace of the king.

Fact is the room our gifts make for us is not as important as the room we make for it.
It depends on the room we make for it to be refined and thrive.
A gift that makes room is one that has been thoroughly invested in, one that has received the investment of time, discipline, money, knowledge and rehearsals.

Dear minstrel
Take out time and Grow your gift,
Attend seminars, and trainings whether they are paid or free
It is a critical nature of God to reward diligence,
The platform you seek can either make you or mar you.
It can either expose the uniqueness of your gift or the mediocre nature of it and in this case the best it can do for you is to even shut doors for you the stage could be a blessing as well as a trap.

When God gives you a GIFT, that gift must be treated beyond just a gift you must go about it as a RESPONSIBILITY, to others it is GIFT, but to you it is a RESPONSIBILITY.
A responsibility is something you must nurture, something you are accountable for.
More to that, please treat it as much as you would treat your bank account.
You make deposits in view to withdraw someday when in need of money, in the same way invest in your gifts, one day when you need to exchange value for your gift, you can withdraw the value you have deposited in it.
I know you are praying for your gift to bring you before kings but hope when it brings you before kings, kings will be grateful and not frustrated for experiencing your gift.?
Remember again
Every gift depends upon the value placed on it by its possessor to grow.
If you can't make room for your gifts it can't make room for you.
Thank you for reading.
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