The Grasshopper Mentality

The story of the 12 spies sent from Israel to spy Canaan is surely not new to us.
Moses sent them to inspect the land, ten came back with an Evil report. Notice that the one reason why it was an evil report was not because they had told a lie.
Truly the land had giants and strong men, Israel should have been no match for them outside God. The only reason why God termed it an evil report was that it is was a report that elevated impossibility above possibility, a report that inspired fear instead of Faith. Even though the giants never called them grasshoppers, yet the sight of the giants reminded them of what they thought about themselves (Grasshopers).
On the other hand Joshua and Caleb admitted the land had strong men "But insisted instead that because they had Gods backing they could conquer the land".

Dear Minstrel.
One of Gods obsession is to be believed. Where he can't find this, he can't operate no matter how much he is willing to back you up.
A mentality that  entertains impossibility and elevates it above possibility is a GRASSHOPPER MENTALITY.  When God sends you a message he does so not on the terms of your ability but on the terms of what he can do through you. Fear and doubt questions Gods integrity to keeping his word and nothing annoys the one who can do all things more.

1. A mentality that elevates impossibility above possibility: God was Israels possibility. They have never fought a battle alone why do they think they will face the giants alone this time. When this mentality is present it scares you regardless every promise God has made to you.

2. A competitive mentality: Competition empties you of all you are and reminds you of all you are not. Even though the giants had heard the workings of God through the Israelites and were already gripped with the fear of them, yet the ten spies comparing Israel with the giants fell into the fear of them and thought of themselves as Grasshoppers. Am confident that the reason why many feel incompetent and small is because all the while they have been comparing themselves with others.

3. A mentality that confesses negativity: Your words are powerful. When your words are not in the affirmative even God can't help you in such case. At every point in Time confessing Gods ability over your inability enables you to receive divine assistance.

1. Feed on Gods word: Gods word transforms and renews your mind. It empowers you with the mentality of all God says you are. Feed on it.
2. Avoid competition: You will continue to reinforce the mindset of smallness when you begin to compare yourselves with others. God sent you to conquer the giants don't go comparing yourself with them.
3. Be inspired by other peoples testimony: We are in an era where God is raising men from nothing, check the music ministry today, examine what God is doing with the young people this is enough to boost your faith in obeying Gods instruction for your life and ministry.

Lastly, The bible says "With God all things are possible"   (Mark  10:27).
Note that it didn't say "FOR GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE" The word there is "WITH"... meaning if I tackle anything with God it becomes possible. Thus the possibility of all things lies in what's backing you up.
That vision is possible because at all cost God is willing to back you up.
Defile that Grasshopper mentality that chickens out in the face of giants.
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (2Tim 2:7)
Put on the excellency of Gods spirit on you. That spirit does not entertain fear nor doubt.
Do it now,
Do it immediately
Be intentional about it.
I am Mr.wealth iSING, iWRITE, iTEACH.
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