The art of worship leading. Part 1

The lead worshipper while worshipping is doing two things at once and that is "Leading and worshipping".
Leading needs art and skill, and usually it is people centered, worshipping needs "Yielding to the spirit" and this is strictly God centered.
Where does this bring us to?
As a Lead worshipper (notice am carefully avoiding the word "WORSHIP LEADER" hopefully as we proceed with other series you will understand why). You must master the skill of leading and one of the skill we will examine in the part one of this series is

I have identified that there is the vertical and horizontal nature of communication in worship leading and your success as a worship leader begins the day you master this two things. When it comes to lead worshipping communication is the heart bit of it not the anointing, even the anointing depends on an effective communication between the lead worshipper, the people and God.

The verical: This is a communication directed from earth to heaven or heaven to earth in other words this entails the lead worshipper communicating solely with God, His worship ascends to God from earth as a personal communion and God responds too from heaven.
In my years of experience as a lead worshipper I have always found the vertical form of communication the most important and I advise that priority be giving to this. Because the job specification of the Lead worshipper is to receive expressly from God and communicate to the people. Thus the greatest selling skill of lead worshipping is not your fine voice but your ability to hear from God and communicate effectively to the people. You grow this by practicing the presence of God in the secret place.

Horizontal: Here, the lead worshipper communicates expressly with the audience, this is from man to man. It is people centred you will frustrate the purpose of the moment if you can hear effectively from God but communicate poorly with the people.
Humans are very complicated species, leading them is one of the most herculean task ever, most times when you want to lead them in a direction they may not be willing to follow. You tell them to lift hands or stand, some persons will find it offensive as though you have no such right but if their favorite celebrity does that they will gladly respond, the reason is that while they have given their celebrities the right to lead them they have not given you such. That's why been a celebrity makes the work a lot more easy, and most celebrities don't understand when it is the Glory of their presence working or the Presence of God. That not withstanding the Goal of this series is to try to provide demonstrable solutions to this issue facing every lead worshipper especially the upcoming artists.

 I will suggest Eight (8) ways to handle this:

1. Pray:
When God sends you to a people you must pray that they receive you. I do this often. I commit the hearts of the people before God and bring them under the influence of Gods Grace at work in my life. This makes the work way easier than been a celebrity can ever do. Pray that God gives you favor in the eyes of the people you have been sent to no matter how small or big the audience maybe.

2. Discern your atmosphere:
People will respond to certain kind of instructions under different atmospheres. As you sit and watch the event progress you must learn to discern what kind of atmosphere this is. Are people responding to worship or not? Is it a struggling atmosphere or it is one full with the liberty of the spirit? This will greatly help you position yourself and know what to do.

3. Apply religious psychology:
The most important thing is that you get this people to fully participate even though it is the smallest thing as shouting "Hallelujah" the moment you have them participate this opens them up to you to a degree.
Take it further and engage them a little more for example, no matter how hard an atmosphere is or no matter who it is leading the session whenever people hear a thing like "If you love Jesus can you put your hands together for him" because of their religious inclination they will do anything to respond even though in the real sense clapping for Jesus is not a sign that you love him at all, or if they are not doing it as you desire you add a line like "Is that how much you love Jesus"? They most likely will want to increase their pace of clapping.
There are other examples though like "If God has been Good to you can you give him a clap" or many more, remember again the most important thing is for them to follow even your smallest leading, but don't do this for long you will lose them, apply a great measure of courtesy as you do it. If you can get them to respond efficiently then you can lead them where ever God leads you in the worship.

4. Start simple: 
Start with a simple song or a popular one, or a very pleasant song. In the case where you wish to sing a new song let them know its a new song and that you wish to teach them the song, this way they will open up to you more to learn and people like it when they are learning something new and simple.
Singing an unpopular song or a complicated one without a pleasant melody has a way of pissing peoples heart off remember again this is within the context of communicating to carry peoples heart along.

5. Look good:
Appearance is everything. Our religion conditions us to access properly dressed people as anointed and godly people especially those on suit and tie. We have unconsciously trained ourselves to think that the right attire for ministration should be a suit and a tie this is only so because of religion. Howbeit am not about to advise you not to give it consideration please appear modest and good you can't afford to ruin your ministration by your appearance also know the church you are been invited to minister if they do not permit trousers don't wear it, if they do not permit uncovering of hair for the ladies and covering of hair for the guys avoid it, take any form that is needed so long as it helps you reach out to the people effectively.
I will advise you appear on suit, tie, or jacket, or a more appropriate wear this is because we tend to view those who appear on this attire and ministering at the altar as authority figures this is what our pastors regular appearance on tie and suit has made us believe. But at all cost look good and presentable.

6. Develop your communication skill:
People tend to judge competence by how much you are able to communicate. Practice this at home, imagine standing before an audience of thousands and speaking to them. This will help build your ability and competence in communication. Eloquence is an advantage in buying the peoples heart, build it.

7. Be Bold:
Boldness is a very persuasive virtue.
When people perceive your boldness they will follow your leadership. Make sure you don't appear shy, confused, troubled, or intimidated. At all cost be bold, people want to trust that you can be able to lead them into worship before they follow you and boldness is always what they look out for. But please be bold and not arrogant, don't go commanding people, guilt tripping them or cajoling them, this is not boldness it is an arrogance that comes with a feeling of superiority.

8. Put up a light countenance: 
Worship is not war, please smile as you stand before the people. Make sure your countenance is light there is nothing anointed about frowning your face, smiling always is the first sign of confidence not frowning.

Lastly, where all this things fail number one never fails.
Everything responds to the man carrying the ark. 
Many times I do not follow this protocols and sometimes I do.
The difference is following the leading of the spirit. This brings us back to mastering the ability to hear from God he knows the people and atmosphere better than you do, he knows what will work and will not.
Sometimes I just go on and worship God, and he takes care of the people and sometimes he requires I set the heart of the people in order thus I follow those outlined protocols.

In the next series which will be updated next thursday we will look at other skills necessary in successful worship leading.

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Article written by: Mr.wealth.

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