Responsibility vs Passion.

The music ministry is not a business of passion but that of responsibility. We must accept this else we will run around with activities and command less efficiency. The end product of this will be nothing less than weariness.

I have put my heart to learning and I have observed that at every point in time passion ought to lead you towards responsibility. Look around you am sure there must be memories of people who started out so passionately but right now seem so cold and indifferent to the vision they once so cherished.

Here in the ministry,
"Growth never answers to passion nor talent, it answers to responsibility."
When a man is passionate he sure has a lot of energy to do so much, the temptation here is to pack lots of activities around himself, buy into everyone single idea that fly's around his head. The idea usually is that the more busy you are the more productive you will seem. True as that may be but seeming productive and being productive are two separate ideas.
Passion gives little or no heed to details, this is why as good as it is, it can thrive without knowledge. (Zeal without knowledge). I see young people running to and fro releasing singles without identifying themselves with or building structures that will sustain them. They are simply passionate but usually that's always a means to been responsible. When they start getting responsible they first give heed to learning, building or identifying with structures, they give heed to vision, goals, and character.

I started out passionately in 2013 with a single, and in 2014 I dropped another one. I was simply so oblivious about promotional strategies, structures to build and identify with, visions and goals that should sustain my drive but thank God for delivering me, he first committed me to the responsibility of leadership when I got to the university in 2014, I knew what it really means to serve people, I was responsible to and for people, I learnt character, ministerial ethics and so much I can't exhaust here, then In 2016 I started off responsibly not passionately this time. I can only thank God for such process.

Responsibility begins where passion stops. Passion is a tool that must be present from the start but passion does not have a long life span Its end is always to be converted to responsibility else it wearies the soul of its bearer.

As I round off this thoughts i wish to sum up the essence of this post in 3 points:

1. Passion gets you started, being responsible gets you productive: 
At a level responsibility is what you must do whether you feel like doing it or not. Responsibility is the response of commitment to a set of goals, objectives and ability. It is not tied to emotions and does not need the energy of emotions to thrive its simply tied to the energy of purpose that is birthed by clarity.

2. Back up your passion with responsibility: While being passionate, please have a set of vision, goals, and structures you are answerable to. When that energy of passion leaves you, responsibility will keep you going. Remember passion does not have a long life span it comes and goes in seasons. Responsibility will keep you going when passion is low.

3. Give heed to learning: There is always such a thing as zeal (passion) without knowledge. As said before passion can thrive even without knowledge to escape this trap. Please Dear minstrel give heed to learning, learn the basic things about ministry, learn about promotion, learn about building structures, give yourself to mentorship. Learn! Learn!! Learn!!! That's how you prepare for the responsibility your passion will lead you into. Where there is no preparation in knowledge, passion will weary you.
Thank you for reading.
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Article was written by Mr.wealth

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  1. At a level of responsibility is what you must do whether you feel like it or not.
    God bless you greatly sir.