How I got the song "MY BELOVED"- Mr.wealth

Mr.wealth has been consistent in releasing deep spiritual sound gotten through prophetic encounters notable among them are "None like you, Imela, and Holy amongst others yet to be released.

Narrating how he got the song "MY BELOVED"

Mr.wealth says;
Its still a mystery to me how my soul caught such sound in the realm of the spirit.
All I can remember was that it happened in the month of Feb. 2019

I was in a deep fellowship with the spirit, as we got deeper i prayed so much in tongues, I got into a realm where neither words nor tongues could feature in only a HEART CRY was legal in that realm

It started with a chant I call it "THE LOVERS HEART CRY" the more I did the chant the more my spirit gained ascendancy, I felt a deep joy and ecstacy such that my feet's couldn't stand.

I heard the voice of the Holy spirit expressly saying;
"I want to give you a song, this song shall be a sign call between us, whenever you long for a deep love affair sing it and I won't hesitate to flaunt my presence."

Then I stayed calm and I heard it as though an angel was singing it to me, the lyrics flowed from the solo to the chorus without an interruption it was like an already written song, I took my book and started writing the lyrics I was hearing.
I sang the melody over and over again.
Tears filled my soul, I felt a depth of love I have never felt before in fellowship. It was as though someone wrapped me up and drew me closer to his chest.
I sang the song all day and true the night while I slept, my spirit was still singing the song, down through the week the song was on my lips.

I took it down to rehearsals with my Team as we rehearsed it the deep broke out strongly upon us we cried and prayed for hours in deep fellowship, we had a deep witnessing of the spirit that this sound was going to strengthen the body of Christ strongly.

Two months later while I still sang the song the Holy spirit opened my ears to hear the complete version of the song which is the bridge

"In this place there is no boundary and there is no limit we await your Reviving fire"

Then he started communicating to me his agenda for the sound.
Which includes personal cum cooperate communion as well as a prophetic intercession and Revival for the nation and Africa as a whole.

After then,
I used it many times in my personal time of fellowship and God started opening my eyes to the Love relationship between the bride and the groom from Songs of Solomon 5 and 6 Which I later got to understand that scripture was what captured the full essence of the sound.

After receiving the full package of the song both in melody, lyrics, Gods agenda and revelation behind the song we moved to the studio and that birthed the sound rocking the lips of many now called "MY BELOVED"

One deep secret the Holy spirit taught me from this that I will want to share with my fellow minstrels on receiving songs is this;
A minstrel who makes praying and singing in tongues for hours a habit will have "receiving songs" from the depth of the spirit as a habit.
Mr.wealth (quote author)
Praise be to God for his unspeakable gift.

Truly God is a deep lover
He sings to his beloved.
Feel free to share with others

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  1. My name is bright princewill and am a big fan of my friend and brother Mr wealth I have being anticipating for the long awaited song my beloved even in my dreams I wasn't surprised because I know what Mr wealth is capable of doing. I got the song from him directly from a link he posted that song is now my ringing tone..

  2. You're a blessing to this generation..Thanks for seeking God deeply