Team Reminiscences

Team Rem is a music ministry. It is made up of young music ministers with Mr.wealth as the lead minstrel. Its vision
1. Is to create a family of music ministers with strong mutual support.
2. Raise music ministers with skills, integrity and anointing.
3. Reach out to the world with the mandate of intimacy, Love, revival, signs & wonders through music.

At the early hours of January 2014 God started speaking to Mr.wealth about a generation of music ministers who should be raised to champion the mandate of Revival, intimacy and reconciliation via Music as a strategy for the 2nd coming of the Lord.
This people will create a reminiscent in the heart of the people towards the cross and towards their first Love for God. They shall be mandated to birth in the hearts of the people the Eden kind of relationship between God and man through worship. They shall echo the beginning in the End of times. Thus the Name "Team Rem" a people who shall restore the hearts of the people to God through Music.

1. Project Bethel: This for us a music missions/concerts where we tour states. Our goal is to spread the mandate of Revival, Love, intimacy, signs and wonders as we minister. Project Bethel has been a fruitful one since its inception in 17th June 2017 its one with an extra ordinary atmosphere of worship where the sick is healed and hearts revived testimonies abound as prove to Gods move.
2. SECONDARY SCHOOL OUTREACH: We reach out to the young hearts in our secondary schools via music and the word to spread Purpose, Revival, Gods Love and healing in our secondary schools.
You can join us and partner with us as it is needed to be more effective with this mandates.